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This is the web site for the old BOS online surveys tool. If you are a new customer or have already been migrated then please access the new BOS service

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New version of BOS

This is the web site for the old version of the BOS online survey tool. In October 2014 a brand new version of BOS was launched and this site only remains active while current clients are migrated to the new service.

The new version of BOS is packed with exciting features such as routing/skip logic, new question types, answer validation, advanced reporting, filtering, response exclusion and many, many other features.

If you do not have an existing BOS account then please visit the new version of BOS:

If you are an existing BOS user then the Primary Contact for your account will have been contacted to arrange the migration of surveys, users and response data to the new version of BOS. In the mean time your surveys will remain open and you can continue to access the old service by logging on from this page.

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